Task trading conditions

Duration & Purchase

When buying online via Whatsapp or via your user and / or webshop etc., you confirm that there is a foundation on the order. As long as the membership is unannounced, the stated price will be deducted, cf. your subscription (LITE, GOLD and all other paying subscriptions) from the registered payment method. Payment is always made in advance on the selected payment interval. Our standard binding on all subscriptions / plans is 6 months except FREE and STARTER. 


After registration and at each draw, a receipt will be delivered per. e-mail to the partner's e-mail, and upon initial payment, a confirmation of the upgrade / order is provided.

Payment card expired

If your payment card expires, an e-mail will be sent with a link to renew card information, or we will deduct the payment via the service provider if the reg + account number has been specified for the purpose.

Map details

By signing up for automatic debit, you give permission to save all necessary payment card information for use in automatic debiting of your debit card or bank account, which is debited via the supplier service. This information will be deleted when the agreement is terminated.

The price

All prices are exclusive of 25% Danish VAT unless otherwise stated.


Once the registration has been confirmed and paid for, the purchased service can be used, and the item can therefore be considered delivered. However, an order is binding with or without commissioning on the date the agreement / order is entered into.


Started subscription is non-refundable.


Any kind of complaint must be addressed directly to support@taask.net
If you have any questions about your purchase, you can contact support@taask.net


Taask ApS (CVR: 39016559) receives payment with Dankort / VISA-Dankort, VISA, VISA Electron, Mastercard and JCB. Payment will be deducted from your account when the subscription starts (which is as soon as you place the order) OR via the supplier service, provided that the reg + account number of the customer's user has been provided.
Taask Aps is not responsible for incorrect information.
If you are a customer before July 2020, your payment interval will change after your lock-in period from monthly paid to quarterly paid.

All amounts are in DKK - Danish kroner and are stated on the website “excl. VAT."

Taask ApS uses an approved payment server that encrypts all your card information with SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protocol. This means that your information cannot be read. Taask ApS user ReepayFarpay, Fenerum and Supplier Service (NETS) as a payment partner.

Taask ApS is a subscription business and trades in subscriptions, bindings, etc. Info can be read on the product descriptions

Right of Cancellation

There is no right of withdrawal for your purchase of some of the products, as Taask ApS basically trades with companies that are CVR-registered (Trade purchases - In trade purchases there is no right of withdrawal for traders) If you shop as a private person, you will have the same rights and approve at the same time that there is no right of withdrawal on the purchase. 


There is always a binding when subscribing online via the app or via the webshop, campaigns or similar. The binding is 6 months from the subscription date, and we charge the amount, cf. the payment interval you have specified. Payment must be made no later than the start date you specified. As soon as the payment is registered, we strive to send the login the same day to the created email address.


Unless you have signed up for our STARTER package and can present our submitted order confirmation on this, then you have an ongoing + one month notice on all subscriptions. For the STARTER package, the exception applies to a 1-day right of cancellation (only valid for the first 7 days of the plan / subscription) which must be delivered in writing per. mail to support@taask.net - note that you must have received a receipt for this. Feel free to check in the spam filter. The termination applies from the second the termination is received in our inbox.

With the STARTER package, you have the option of day-to-day termination within the first seven days (including weekends and public holidays). If you do not cancel in time, the subscription will be automatically upgraded to one LITE subscription, which will be subscribed with a binding of 6 months from the start date of LITE. We will automatically deduct your payment monthly via the registered card or via supplier service, unless otherwise chosen by the buyer himself. This is also part of "The small print", which is accepted and written in the sign-up form.

STARTER-the package It in small print: When you sign up for this promotion and sign up STARTER-the package, please be aware that after the 7 days, the subscription automatically changes to our standard package LITE, which costs DKK 795 / month, and you will be automatically extended for 6 months without right of withdrawal. You have the option to terminate STARTER with one day's notice throughout your trial period - 7 days where the subscription date is inclusive and no account is taken of weekends and / or public holidays).

Prices for subscriptions

You can always see the current monthly prices, which are stated excl. VAT
by logging on to our Whatsapp.
If you do not have a login, you can get one by filling out the form here and click on "get a free login" on the front page.

Foundation and liability

When buying online via app (app.taask.net), your user and / or webshop etc. then you confirm that Taask ApS has a foundation on the order.


After the lock-in period, there is a current month + one month's termination on all paying and / or standard subscriptions (a paid subscription eg: GOLD 2020, LITE, LITE 2020, GOLD, etc.), and termination must be sent to support@taask.net from the e-mail address registered for the subscription and / or with a CVR number as a reference to the termination. This termination must be approved by Taask via a confirmation email before it is valid (check the spam filter if necessary). We will send an end date for the subscription upon receipt of your login.


In the event of non-payment or non-payment, Taask ApS reserves the right to close the account, or put the account back on a “FREE” user so that the marketplace cannot be accessed. Upon payment of the amount due, it will be reopened. Questions can be asked to: support@taask.net

If no payment is made on time, Taask ApS will reserve the right to collect the full principal + any fees and interest. We collect via our debt collection partner Likvido.dk.

Complaints - overview and links

If you have a complaint about a product purchased in our webshop, a complaint can be sent to:

The Competition and Consumer Agency's Center for Complaints
Carl Jacobsen's Road 35
2500 Valby

If you are a consumer residing in another EU country, you can lodge your complaint in the European Commission's online complaint platform.

The platform exists here.
If you file a complaint here, you must provide our e-mail address: support@taask.net.