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Are you looking for someone who can help with a bit of everything?

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are you taasks next all-possible-man?

Taask gives you access to new customers - quickly, easily and


Har you expertise in several disciplines, and are you used to have several various projects underway, such as the following: 

  • Painting of rooms
  • Renovation of wet rooms 
  • Setting up images
  • Renovation of minor damage to the home
  • Setting up lamps
  • Mm?

Then we will be happy to welcome you as a partner at Taask. 

Electrician arranges electricity
Good cleaning help

Benefits of becoming a partner:

more customers

With Taask's online task portal, you as a versatile all-around man get access to new potential customers online who might not otherwise have found their way to your company. 

make up for gaps in the calendar

More customers means fewer gaps in the calendar as well as one increased earnings. Use Taask to fill in the calendar.


As a partner at Taask, you decide in collaboration with the customer, what the price, time, etc. should be on the work assignment. Taask does not interfere in this process and takes no percentages - we just bring the customer to you.

Spend your resources on what you love

Use your resources as well as manpower to do a good job, and less time to seek out new customers.

Competent communication

As a partner at Taask, you will receive notifications as soon as a potential customer contacts you and when there are new tasks available. The contact can occur via SMS, emails or via our website.

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